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Masterlist of Glee Writing

So, I decided I needed a Glee masterlist, because not only have I finished a Glee fanfic (YAY!! This must be celebrated, because it rarely happens), I also have a few drabbles drifting around that I want to corral in one spot for easy finding. And I plan on writing much, much more Klaine Glee fic.

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Dear characters: I'm the author

Roleplay fun.

((This is for Ana, to help her get used to roleplaying. Apparently I'm like, a seasoned vet, or something, lol.))


There was one table left in the coffee shop, and he'd gratefully taken a seat at it. It was even by the window, so he happily began watching the steady stream of customers coming in and going back out of the door. Everyone was rushing someplace. He knew the feeling. Today was one of his glorious days off (okay, he was playing hooky, but he preferred to think of it as a "mental health day"), he had nowhere to be, no one to see... and he was basking in it.

He took a bite of his biscotti, before popping the lid off his cup and dipping the biscuit in his drink. Not quite the same as dipping a cookie in milk, but it tasted just as good.

He noticed several people looking around for a place to sit, before leaving in consternation. He glanced at the empty chair across from him, then shrugged. If they wanted to sit, there were several empty chairs, they were simply all at occupied tables. Not his fault.
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Breaking the Day of Silence

I just wrote this on Facebook, and I'm going to share it here, as well. Because it deserves to be said, said often, and to as many people as possible.

"I appreciate the idea behind the Day of Silence - not speaking in order to bring attention and draw awareness to the issues of people who are overlooked, whose voices aren't heard. The problem is, nobody will listen--nobody CAN listen--when you're silent, even if it's obvious you're not speaking. So instead, today I am going to SPEAK UP, and STAND UP, for the people who can't. Because silence is taken as acceptance, and I REFUSE to accept the status quo of minority groups, such as LGBT, people who are bullied and hated, for ANY reason. EVERYONE deserves to live a happy, fear-free life, no matter their age, sex, race, religion, or sexual and romantic orientation."

Additionally, even if you're silent, and people know WHY you're silent, how can you educate anyone with silence? (Also, I have the day off, I never speak to anyone except my mom anyway when I'm at home, and if I had to work, I HAVE to talk, so I can't participate in the Day of Silence. So I'm doing this, instead.)

This is nothing against the Day of Silence - I think it's a great idea, and I applaud the people who are able to participate. Unfortunately, being silent isn't going to stop hate, or tell the people who are in charge that it's unacceptable. Like I said above, silence is taken as acceptance, and I do NOT accept the way minorities are treated in this country.
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No, I'm not dead...just been anonymous...

So, don't quote me on it, but... at some point, I think I'm going to write a "Sabrina" Klaine AU.

I'm actually already writing a Glee story...but I can't say what, because it's on the glee_kink_meme & I'm doing it anonymously, so that I don't get horribly self-conscious about all the sex I'm writing, & how poorly I'm writing it. Maybe, if it's even slightly well-received, I'll un-anon at some point, & link it in my journal when I do.

But until then, I'm going to toy with the "Sabrina" idea. I have great credentials: I used to watch the movie (the remake; I've never actually seen the 50's version with Audrey Hepburn) at least once every week, I'm pretty sure it was closer to every day, for a while in my teens. I just rewatched it -- and as I wrote on Facebook, I forgot how absolutely funny it is.

I'd forgotten that Sabrina's father was the chauffeur (I was thinking just butler), but before I'd been reminded, I'd already decided that Burt would be the Anderson's mechanic, Kurt his precocious and flamboyant son, and Cooper the older, sophisticated and debonair young man Kurt's had a crush on practically his entire life.

I'm just not sure how to swing the whole 'Cooper only likes girls, but suddenly here's a boy who catches his interest...' there may be some script changes to the whole thing...

So, yeah, there'll be that. I'm kinda excited about it. We'll see how long that lasts. ;P
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Glee question meme

I found this when I did a Google search for "Glee Memes". I was snagged by the first question, so figured I'd give it a shot. It's the kind of thing you do during a hiatus, right? ;P

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23) Let's end this little meme with a GIF of your choice!

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Glee 3.13 "Heart" Episode Commentary and Thoughts

A/N: Forgive the screencaps, my capture program isn’t working atm, so I had to just use PrntScr every time I wanted a pic, so the media player bar is always at the bottom since I have it paused. Otherwise, there would be more. Trust me, there are plenty at the end. ;D

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…I think that about covers it. Let me know your thoughts!

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Fic: Supply And Demand (Kurt-centric)

Title: Supply And Demand (one-shot, open-ended)
Words: 2,637
Rating: Umm...PG-13? For...substances a minor shouldn't have?
Dedication: Rain, the Finn to my Kurt (literally), & who will understand my fascination with my character and his habit. She has her own. C;

A/N: Yeah, so...this happened. I have this image of Kurt being the typical native New Yorker, smoking and drinking coffee and working on his Palm Pilot, or something.

It's kind of been in my head for a while now. I have a weakness for people smoking, I think it looks hot (& the taste doesn't bother me nearly as much as after they've been drinking & I kiss them, so...), and there's some nostalgia there for me. Any nostalgia Kurt talks about, came from me. In fact, most of Kurt's personal feelings, might as well be about me. I have never been addicted to cigarettes, but I have craved them before, just for the stress-relief. (I still want an e-cig so bad, it's so stupid.) I made up some OCs for this, threw in a cameo from someone...and then another canon character took over the story, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

This also uses my huge personal headcanon/backstory regarding Kurt's mom, although it's really just mentioned here as if you already know all of it, so sorry about that, if it's confusing. I really wasn't intending to post this, just get it out of my system. Then it grew epic, and I wanted to share. I actually have more ideas for this I'd like to write, possibly involving Blaine or/and Finn discovering Kurt's habit (not necessarily at the same time).

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