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Inner Workings of a Psychotic Mind

Tread lightly, it's booby-trapped

Eirian (Katie)
15 November
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I'm currently in my twenties. I obsess over television shows and books. Currently, I'm so-so-so obsessed with Glee, and to a lesser extent, Harry Potter. Also, The Sims 2, & now 3 (not so much with 3 though). I also RP

Random bit of knowledge: I collect unusual stuffed animals. My most unusual to date: it's a cross between my blue sloth, & a porcupine.

My journal is just a collection of anything I wanna write about. My journal entries are very boring & -- yeah, boring. I talk about my everyday life, which is nonexistent. And yet somehow, I find things to write about. 'Cause even if nothing's happening, I'm always thinking about something. I write a lot about work, 'cause... if I'm not at home, 98.9 percent of the time, I'm at work. I've been a CNA at the local nursing home (aka Long-Term Care facility) for 4 years now. I work night shift. Always, wouldn't have it any other way. Which means I have very weird sleep habits.

I write. That's sorta what I do. Stories, journal entries, fanfic, original fiction (not much of that, at the moment), character lists, grocery lists, anything. My security blanket used to be (and still is, to an extent) a notebook and pen.

I'm not really conventional. I'm also very silly & weird, & my posts tend to mirror that. Despite living in the real world for 26 years now, and having to be a pragmatist/realist at times, I'm an undying optimist.

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